DGE Orders

Date Order No Order about Download
31/12/2021 No.A1/13388/2021/DGE Inter district transfer - revised instructions
30/12/2021 GO(P)No290/2021/DGE Cenus - surrender order
28/12/2021 No.J2/12/2021/DGE Covid - rejoin duty -instructions
24/12/2021 GO(P)No.288/2021/GEDN VHSC transfer instructions
24/12/2021 G.O.(Rt)No.6102/2021/GEDN Transfer - Principal
22/12/2021 GO(P)No.287/2021/GEDN Plus one additional batch
21/12/2021 No.C3/6378/2021/DGE Clerk, Typist transfer
17/12/2021 GO(P)No.282/2021/GEDN Monitoring team regarding
17/12/2021 DGE/8888/2020-T2 E office infrastructure regarding
16/12/2021 GO(P)No.5937/2021/GEDN Christmas vaction holidays
16/12/2021 DGE/2507/2020-R1 Spark completion regarding
16/12/2021 No.N(1)/273163/2021/DGE LSS/USS exam conducting regarding
16/12/2021 No.GEDN-SC1/435/2021-G.EDN Focus area for SSLC,HSS declared
15/12/2021 GO(P) No.280/2021/GEDN PF for part time teachers in aided school
13/12/2021 GO(P)No.5852/2021/DGE HSS additional batch list
13/12/2021 No.GEDN-M1/275/2021-G.EDN Noon meal grant increased
10/12/2021 No.O&M(1)340829/2021/DGE(2) Code of conduct in educational offices
09/12/2021 GO(P)No.5774/2021/GEDN Plus one additional batch regarding
09/12/2021 GO(Rt)No.5767/2021/GEDN Plus one improvement exam time table
08/12/2021 No.QIP(1)/247365/2021/DGE Uniform compulsory
07/12/2021 No.GEDN-C2/193/2021-G.EDN Principal promotion
06/12/2021 GO(P)No275/2021/DGE LP/UP category change instructions
02/12/2021 No A1/13368/2021/DGE Inter distict transfer - instructions
02/12/2021 No.N2/5538/2021/DGE National scholarship - verification regarding
02/12/2021 No A1/13368/2021/DGE Inter distict transfer - instructions
01/12/2021 No DGE/24004/2021-A5 Intra district transfer - instruction
30/11/2021 No (M4)/254346/2021/DGE Covid care to students
30/11/2021 No (M4)/332183/2021/DGE Desabhimani- Aksharamuttam
29/11/2021 G.O.(Rt)No.5514/2021/GEDN HSS Deputy director - transfer
24/11/2021 No.F2/85/2021-G.EDN Aided school - property exange
22/11/2021 GO(Rt)No.5305/2021/Gedn New SCERT Director
20/11/2021 No.A5/2404/2021/DGE Intra district transfer revised date

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