Pareeksha Bhavan Orders

Date Order No Order about Download
27/12/2021 EX CGL(1)/39000/2021/CGE SSLC Exam announcement
27/12/2021 No.EX1/2424/2021/CGE LSS-USS Exam valuation date changed
07/12/2021 No. EX-1/2424/2021/ C.G.E./CGE LSS/USS Hall ticket
29/11/2021 No.EX-7/30500/2020/CGE USS Exam instructions
29/11/2021 No. EX-4/30250/2020/CGE LSS Exam - instructions
29/11/2021 No.EX/H1/2424/DGE LSS/USS Exam 2021- date of exam
18/08/2021 EX-IX-2/10934/HSE Plus one model exam regarding
11/08/2021 EX-A4/21423/DGE SSLC/THLC Revaluation result
30/07/2021 No.Ex CGL2/28260/2021/CGE KTET certificate regarding
30/07/2021 EX-II/1/6991/HSE HSE Say fees regarding
26/07/2021 No.Ex C Gen/2/8455/2021/CGE KTET exam date regarding
22/07/2021 No.Ex/CL(1)/24013/2021/CGE SSLC - Say exam regarding
12/07/2021 No.ExA1/5500/2021/CGE SSLC result - request to teachers organisatios
12/07/2021 No.ExA1/5500/2021/CGE SSLC - result declaring websites
12/07/2021 No.ExII/01/16620/HSE/2021 Plus-2 practiccal exam regarding
16/06/2021 No.ExII/01/16620/HSE/2021 Plus 2 Practical exam arrangements
15/06/2021 No.ExII/01/16620/HSE/2021 Plus-2 practiccal exam regarding
15/06/2021 No.ExII/03/1010/HSE/2021 Plus2 valuation DA regarding
11/06/2021 NoExa(1)5550/2021/CGE Break down for sslc valuation
10/06/2021 No.Ex/H2/31505/2020/CGE DEd/DLEd exam result published
09/06/2021 Presss note Plus one exam fee date new
07/06/2021 No EXD.3/16666/2021/CGE. SSLC Valuation remunaration
04/06/2021 No.Exa(1)/5500/2021/CGE SSLC Valuation regarding
02/06/2021 Press note DLEd exam regarding

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