Finance Dept. Orders

Date Order No Order about Download
01/01/2022 GO(P)No.1/2022/Fin Medisep implementation order
30/12/2021 GO(P)No.179/2021/Fin Covid - special casual leave - clarification
21/12/2021 122/2021/(8)/Fin Pension propssal of retired staff
21/12/2021 No.123/2021/Fin DA of duffered salary
18/12/2021 GO(P)No.172/2021/(8)/Fin Deducting NPS from pay revision arrear
17/12/2021 GO(P) No.170/2021/Fin Re option on pay revision
16/12/2021 No.119/2021/Fin Medisep - date extended
08/12/2021 TRY/i2og/2o2o-Ei HR claiming regarding
01/12/2021 GO(P)No.160/2021/Fin Earned leave surrender - date extended
26/11/2021 No.115/2021/Fin Spark data correction regarding
26/11/2021 GO(P)No.156/2021/Fin GIS Subscription revised
22/11/2021 No.110/2021/Fin Medisep data collection regarding
25/10/2021 No.98/2021/Fin Spark data correction regarding
18/08/2021 No.TRY/2725/2021-E1 Treasury open on Aug 19
16/08/2021 No.932211/SL-3/2021/Fin Onam bills aided - counter signature
13/08/2021 No.116/2021/Fin Onam - Advance
13/08/2021 No.115/2021/Fin Onam - bonus and festival allownce
05/08/2021 No.E1-2557/2021/TRY Assighning DDO charge regarding
26/07/2021 No.60/2021/Fin Instruction - online booking -spark
26/07/2021 GO(P)No.104/2021/Fin Leave surrender - deferred.
23/07/2021 No.59/2021/Fin Assighning DDO charge regarding
23/07/2021 No.TRY/10400/2019-C2 Retired staff pension regarding
19/07/2021 GO(P)No.100/2021/Fin Daily wage as per attendance
14/07/2021 GO(P)No.98/2021/Fin Paper less salary bill regarding
02/07/2021 No.TRY/1209/2020/E1 Bill submitting instructions
29/06/2021 No.1788/2020/ETRY1 Implementation of eTR5
28/06/2021 G.O.(P)No.90/2021/Fin Gratuity submisson regarding
25/06/2021 No. K IV(2)297/10/psc OMR test remunaration (PSC)
14/06/2021 No.1434974/HBA2/26/2021/Fin HBA - spark details regarding
14/06/2021 G.O.(P)No.82/2021/Fin Daily wage for covid duty regarding
10/02/2021 G.O.(P)No.27/2021/Fin 11'th Pay revision recommendations

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